Maureen Cape

Charlotte, North Carolina

A little about myself

I'm an Orthopedic Registered Nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since all of our elective surgeries have all been canceled until further notice we have been asked to help out and staff the Covid units of our hospital so we don't lose our full time hours. And in this time of need, we step up because that's the right thing to do as we are all in this together. Outside of work, my boyfriend and I and our puppy love to hang outdoors and go on hikes and adventures. We've had a hard time doing that at home in the beginning of the last few weeks, but we did it! We played our part in our community to stay at home to help flatten the curve, hoping that this will all be resolved soon!

Why do I need PPE?

Our hospital only gave each one of us 1 n95 mask to use and re-use for 5 days max, but that might change since our resources are getting scarce. We have cut off using PPE on our MRSA patients just to conserve our PPE for example.

What PPE do I need?

If possible, I would like to mainly ask for an n95 mask that's extra small/small. All other PPE are also accepted, at this point, I won't even ask for much, but anything to help me and my co workers to keep working on the frontlines to help stop this pandemic.


Watsonville, California
I wish I had more to give you. Thank you for your courage and kindness.
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