Marlene Brubaker

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

A little about myself

I am a home healthcare giver. It is my 'side gig' as I am also a science teacher. I've been doing this since 1989. I enter homes of elderly, who are often immune compromised. I spend the day with them, often 12 hour shifts. I have 4 elderly in my family, mother, father, mother in law and father in law all over 80.

Why do I need PPE?

I am unable to purchase masks and gloves in the local pharmacies. I have some that my husband bought online. They are 4-ply paper. The first 2 days, I was wearing bandanas on the job. I was trained to change PPE hourly, when working with a single client. At this point, I'm using the same one for 12 hours. I have gloves, but they are too small. My clients also should wear masks, and so far, none have.

What PPE do I need?

face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves-L, hair covers, unused preferred. I'd accept homemade masks, especially for my clients to wear.

Any other info or message to add to potential donors?

there are MANY, MANY home-healthcare workers, many POC, immigrants from the Caribbean and west africa, who are without PPE, and entering the homes of the elderly daily to give personal care. please seek them out.


Chicago, IL
Stay safe!
Cindy Solomon-Klebba
My wife is a science teacher as well. thanks for what you do in BOTH of your jobs. Stay safe!
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