Alexandra Haehn

Nashville, Tennessee

A little about myself

Hey! I work for company in Nashville TN as a "house manager." Our mission is to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead safe, stable, and personally fulfilling lifestyles in Middle Tennessee communities.I do residential care and despite my ladies being unable to leave their home I’m still responsible to be going to public places to make sure they are fully stocked on all necessary items! Currently that means basically grocery runs and pharmacy runs due to only necessities being needed! The county where I reside as well as my ladies has the most cases in the state! I’m putting myself at risk to make sure my girls have everything they need!

Why do I need PPE?

With current restrictions my individuals aren’t to leave their home but I still have to take the risk to make sure they have everything they need! Ordering things online isn’t a possibility as starting a month ago the PPE items wouldn’t even be getting here until the middle of May! In order to continue to make sure my girls have the “necessities” that also includes me being able to care for them every day! I’d like to be able to take every precaution to maintain my health not only for me but for my girls who rely on me!

What PPE do I need?

Hand sanitizer, any masks for going out, medium gloves


Ken W.
Bethesda, MD
Wishing you good health!
Sharon S. PA-C
Oak Park, MI
Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!
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